InSync4 How To Set Up InSync When You Upload From One Computer For Multiple Locations

This document will go over the easiest way to set up InSync when a physician is using the same computer to upload dictations for multiple locations. Common problems associated with not having this set up in InSync are dictations not appearing in Inquiry with the proper location access or not appearing in the correct folders.

1. With InSync running, open the menu by right clicking on the icon in the bottom right area of your screen next to the clock.

Insync icon.jpg


2. Right clicking on the icon will bring up the InSync menu pictured below. Click on "Change Client Connection Information".

Insync menu.jpg

3. The window that opens will prompt for your Client Password. If you do not remember your password, then please contact your local account administrator, Transcription Company, or Nuance Helpdesk.

4. On the next window that opens, click on the "Options" tab as pictured below:


5. In the Options tab menu, click on the check-box next to "Prompt for Location on Upload".

Insync prompt locat.jpg

6. Make sure to click on the "OK" button to save your changes.

Now, whenever a recorder is plugged into the computer and the InSync application begins the upload, a dialogue box will appear asking for the location. By using this method, the Physician can ensure that his dictations are going into the system under the correct location. This will help the system to route the transcription to the proper folders and access rights. Because all dictations uploaded will carry the same location information, it is important for doctors to make sure they upload all dictations for one location before recording for another location.

Within the transcription software, medical transcriptionists can also change the location if they are made aware of the need to change. For this reason, if the changes cannot be made to the InSync software, then the dictator should explicitly state that the transcriptionist should change the Location ID. Because of the increased possibility for error, this solution is not preferred. This method will be necessary if a doctor records dictations for more than one location before uploading can occur.
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