InSync4 Error Message When Plugging In Recorder

This article explains an error message that InSync users may see after plugging in a dictaphone. Users may experience problems uploading dictations to InSync.

InSync BorlandError.png

The above message has a title bar of "_Asserte:" and error message, "intf==0 @ C:\PROGRAM FILES\BORLAND\CBUILDERS\INCLUDE\VCL\utilcls.h/2856/" The options available are Y for Yes, N for No, and C for Debug.

This is caused by an update from Olympus that may conflict with InSync's device detection methods.

To resolve this error, please do the following:

1. Browse to

2. Download the most up-to-date version of InSync from the install link. (If it is not already installed)

InSync InstallLink.png

3. Click the InSync icon and select "Change Client Connection Information"

Insync icon.jpg


4. Input the password and press OK.


5. Click on the recorders section on the left. InSync recorders.png

6. Click on the carrot symbol (^) next to the Olympus model that you are using, then place a check in the box "Use old Olympus detection method." Click OK on the bottom of the window.

InSync detection.png

7. Open the Olympus DSS Player / Dictation Module software (found under the Start menu > Programs)

Olympus DictationModule.png

10. If the software prompts you to upgrade it, do so. If it does not, close it and you are done with this method. a. After the upgrade, make sure that the program Device Detector is not running in the notification area. Right click on the icon and left-click the Exit option.


Devicedetector4 exit.png

b. Delete the shortcut for Device Detector under Start Menu > Programs > Startup



After step 10 has been completed, the Asserte Borland error should be resolved and will allow for a dictaphone to upload files to InSync.