InScribe Volume and Speed Controls

The volume and speed controls can be located at the bottom of the screen or the top of the screen depending on your settings and version. They are defined as:

Top: InScribe playback controls1.jpg

Bottom: InScribe playback controls2.jpg

Many times if you have the volume at the computer's maximum and you still cannot hear the dictator, you can check this control to make sure that it is turned up to the right (max) as shown in the above images.

The speed control manages the playback rate of the dictation. A doctor that speaks very slowly can be sped up or a doctor that speaks very quickly can be slowed.

The positional slider is to jump to a point in a dictation. If you want to skip ahead in the voice file without using the fast forward you can move forward here.

For versions of the program 4.96 and later, you can control the position of your controls by going to: View Menu > Tool Bars > New Media Player

A checkmark next to this option positions the controls at the top of the window. If your window is not wide enough to support the top position, please uncheck this menu option to place the controls at the bottom.