InScribe Transcription Log Only Lists Part Of What The InCommand Report Lists

This article shows an example of an issue where the InScribe Transcription Log does not display all the transcriptions that the InCommand Transcriptionist Monitor report lists.

Below is an example of the InScribe Transcription Log for a typist. The search was for a single day, 11/5 - 11/5 for this example.

InScribe11 5logallclilents.jpg

Here is the report for the same date range for the same transcriptionist in InCommand. Notice the transcription ID numbers boxed in red are not on the InScribe Transcription Log.

InCmdTranscriptReport11 5all.jpg

The patient ID for TID 28415466, which is the first TID missing in the InScribe log contains all PLUS signs. These symbols indicate an End-of-Message condition in InScribe, which is why the log is cut-off at this point.


To resolve this have the patient ID number corrected to the proper ID.