InScribe Shortcut Comparison


This page is out of date. For the current info, see: InScribe Shortcuts

Non-VR:  Modified Shortcuts Non-VR:  Classic Shortcuts Non-VR:  Use VR Enhanced Shortcuts
File Menu
Transcription Log Ctrl+L Ctrl+L Shift+Ctrl+'O
View QA Feedback Ctrl+Alt+Q Ctrl+Alt+Q Ctrl+Alt+Q
Preview With Template Ctrl+Alt+B Ctrl+Alt+B Ctrl+Alt+B
Print Current Transcription Ctrl+P Ctrl+P Ctrl+P
Exit Alt+F4 Alt+F4 Alt+F4
Undo Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo Ctrl+Y Ctrl+Y Ctrl+Y
Cut Ctrl+X Ctrl+X Ctrl+X
Copy Ctrl+C Ctrl+C Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V Ctrl+V Ctrl+V
Select All Ctrl+A Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
Find (in Transcription Text Shift+Ctrl+F Shift+Ctrl+F Ctrl+F
find and Replace Shift+Ctrl+H Shift+Ctrl+H Shift+Ctrl+H
Toggle Case Ctrl+Alt+U Ctrl+Alt+U Ctrl+U
Delete Left Word Ctrl+BkSp Ctrl+BkSp Ctrl+BkSp
Delete Right Word Ctrl+Del Ctrl+Del Ctrl+Del
Maximize Editor Size Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+Tab Ctrl+0
View Work Pool Shift+Ctrl+P Shift+Ctrl+P Shift+Ctrl+P
Show Shortcut Reference Shift+CTtrl+S Shift+CTtrl+S Shift+CTtrl+S
Bold Ctrl+B Ctrl+B Shift+Ctrl+B
Italics Ctrl+I Ctrl+I Shift+Ctrl+I
Underline Ctrl+U Ctrl+U Shift+Ctrl+U
Insert Row (Table Function) Shift+Alt+I Shift+Alt+I Shift+Alt+I
Delete Row (Table Function) Shift+Alt+D Shift+Alt+D Shift+Alt+D
Left Justify Ctrl+Alt+L Ctrl+Alt+L Ctrl+Alt+L
Right Justify Ctrl+Alt+R Ctrl+Alt+R Ctrl+Alt+R
Center Ctrl+Alt+C Ctrl+Alt+C Ctrl+Alt+C
Full Justify Ctrl+Alt+F Ctrl+Alt+F Ctrl+Alt+F
Play from Beginning Shift+Ctrl+Z Shift+Ctrl+Z Ctrl+F5
Play Dictation Shift+Ctrl+X Shift+Ctrl+X Shift+Ctrl+X
Pause dictation Shift+Ctrl+Q Shift+Ctrl+Q Shift+Ctrl+Q
Rewind Shift+Ctrl+C Shift+Ctrl+C Shift+Ctrl+C
Fast Forward Shift+Ctrl+V Shift+Ctrl+V Shift+Ctrl+V
Toggle Correction Playback Shift+Ctrl+R Shift+Ctrl+R Shift+Ctrl+R
Decrease Playback Rate Shift+Ctrl+, Shift+Ctrl+, Ctrl+E
Increase Playback Rate Shift+Ctrl+. Shift+Ctrl+. Ctrl+T
Set Playback Rate to Normal Shift+Ctrl+] Shift+Ctrl+] Ctrl+R
Mark Index Shift+Ctrl+I Shift+Ctrl+I  *
Jump to Index Shift+Ctrl+J Shift+Ctrl+J Shift+Ctrl+J
Clear Index Shift+Ctrl+K Shift+Ctrl+K Shift+Ctrl+K
Insert Time Ctrl+Alt+T Ctrl+Alt+T Ctrl+Alt+T
Complete Ctrl+O Ctrl+O Ctrl+O
Mark for QA Ctrl+Q Ctrl+Q Ctrl+Q
Mark for Review Ctrl+W Ctrl+W Ctrl+W
Next    Transcription Shift+Ctrl+Enter Shift+Ctrl+Enter Shift+Ctrl+Enter
Upload Completed Transcriptions Alt+U Alt+U Alt+U
New Transcription Shift+Ctrl+N Shift+Ctrl+N Ctrl+=
Get Prior Transcriptions Shift+F1 Shift+F1 Shift+F1
Copy Transcription to New Transcription Shift+Ctrl+Y Shift+Ctrl+Y Shift+Ctrl+Y
Copy Dictation to New Transcription Ctrl+Alt+Y Ctrl+Alt+Y Ctrl+Alt+Y
Save Ctrl+S Ctrl+S Ctrl+S
Count Lines Ctrl+T Ctrl+T  *
Spell Check Ctrl+K Ctrl+K Ctrl+F9
AutoText Shift+Ctrl+T Shift+Ctrl+T Shift+Ctrl+T
Insert Dictator into Transcription Shift+Ctrl+Space Shift+Ctrl+Down Shift+Ctrl+F12
Additional Actions
Find Patient by Name… Ctrl+F Ctrl+F Shift+Alt+N
Find Patient by Number Ctrl+N Ctrl+N Shift+Alt+P
Dictator Appointment Listing… Shift+Ctrl+L Shift+Ctrl+L Shift+Ctrl+L
Edit Patient Information Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+E Ctrl+Alt+E
Edit Problem List Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+P Ctrl+Alt+P
Insert Problem List at Cursor Ctrl+Alt+I Ctrl+Alt+I Ctrl+Alt+I
Append/Unappend by Transcription ID Shift+Ctrl+A Shift+Ctrl+A Shift+Ctrl+A
Lock Transcription Ctrl+Alt+K Ctrl+Alt+K Ctrl+Alt+K
Move Up in List Ctrl+Alt+Up Ctrl+Up Ctrl+Alt+Up
Move Down in List Ctrl+Alt+Down Ctrl+Down Ctrl+Alt+Down
Re-Pool Dictation Ctrl+H Ctrl+H Ctrl+H
Invalidate Transcription Ctrl+J Ctrl+J Shift+Alt+W
Goto Next [Field] Ctrl+G Ctrl+G Ctrl+G
Remove Remaining [Fields] Ctrl+[ Ctrl+[ Ctrl+[
Get Document Template Shift+Ctrl+G Shift+Ctrl+G Shift+Ctrl+G
Get Dictation Template Ctrl+Alt+G Ctrl+Alt+G Ctrl+Alt+G
New Associate Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+N Ctrl+Alt+N
Edit Associate Ctrl+E Ctrl+E  *
Delete Associate Ctrl+D Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
Make Primary Associate Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1 Ctrl+1
Create Associate from Patient Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2 Ctrl+2
Edit Data Field Shift+Ctrl+E Shift+Ctrl+E Shift+Ctrl+E
Delete Data Field Shift+Ctrl+D Shift+Ctrl+D Shift+Ctrl+D
Add Authorization Ctrl+Alt+A Ctrl+Alt+A Ctrl+Alt+A
Remove Authorization Ctrl+Alt+D Ctrl+Alt+D Ctrl+Alt+D
Move to Comment Ctrl+M Ctrl+M Ctrl+Alt+M
Add Comment Tag Alt+[ Alt+[ Alt+[
Delete Comment Tag Alt+] Alt+] Alt+]
Stop Downloads for This Session Ctrl+Alt+Z Ctrl+Alt+Z Ctrl+Alt+Z
List Document types by Description Ctrl+Alt+X Ctrl+Alt+X Ctrl+Alt+X
Editor Alt+; Alt+; Alt+;
PatientID Alt+I Alt+I Alt+I
Patient Name Alt+N Alt+N Alt+N
Patient Gender Alt+G Alt+G Alt+G
Birthdate Alt+B Alt+B Alt+B
Appointment Date Alt+A Alt+A Alt+A
Order Number Alt+6 Alt+6 Alt+6
Dictator Alt+R Alt+R Alt+R
Doc (Work) Type Alt+W Alt+W Alt+W
Location Alt+L Alt+L Alt+L
Patient Letter Alt+0 Alt+0 Alt+0
User Field 1 Alt+1 Alt+1 Alt+1
User Field 2 Alt+2 Alt+2 Alt+2
User Field 3 Alt+3 Alt+3 Alt+3
User Field 4 Alt+4 Alt+4 Alt+4
User Field 5 Alt+5 Alt+5 Alt+5
Carbon Copies Alt+C Alt+C Alt+C
Authorizations Alt+Z Alt+Z Alt+Z
Comment Tags Alt+V Alt+V Alt+V
Move to Comment Ctrl+M Ctrl+M Ctrl+Alt+M
Ratings Ctrl+R Ctrl+R Ctrl+`
InScribe Updates, Website and Manual Ctrl+F1 Ctrl+F1 Ctrl+F1

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