InScribe Is Locked Up. How Can I Upload My Completed Transcriptions

When InScribe becomes non-responsive your completed documents are still saved on the local machine, and it is possible to upload these transcriptions so that the work is not lost. This can be accomplished by starting up a second copy of InScribe and using the same login.


You may receive an error that says InScribe was not closed properly. Press "Yes" for the transcriptions you would like to recover. Pressing No will remove the Transcription from your computer, and delete any typing that has been done.


Once the second working copy of Inscribe has restored the existing documents, upload any completed documents using ALT+U, or by accessing the Transcription Menu.


Verify that your transcription has been successfully uploaded to the Nuance server using the Transcription Log, CTRL+L. Then close both Instances of InScribe and log back in again before continuing to work.