InScribe Error Logging Mode

When troubleshooting InScribe 4 problems, it may be beneficial for IT support to acquire the error logs that the program is capable of creating. These error logs can then be sent to the Nuance support desk for further review.

InScribe 4 Error Log Instructions

You need to create a shortcut for the InScribe program and modify the target that the shortcut opens in. The InScribe program file is located in My Computer -> Local Disk(C:) -> Program Files -> Emdat -> InScribe and is named InScribe.exe. Please right-click the icon and select Create Shortcut. 
InScribe Shortcut.jpg

After the shortcut has been created, right-click on the shortcut icon and select Properties. InScribe shrtct properties.jpg

Inside the shortcut properties, choose the shortcut tab. In the field "Target" add the /devel tag into the file path. The correct line looks like this:

"C:\Program Files\Emdat\InScribe\InScribe.exe" /devel InScribe devel.jpg

After the target path has been modified, click "OK" to close the window. Please note that even if you already have an InScribe shortcut on your desktop, you will need to create this new shortcut in order to modify the target. You will also need to make sure you open InScribe specifically through the newly created shortcut.

Important Note: After you have modified the shortcut for InScribe and log in, you will notice a minor difference in the appearance of your InScribe window. On the bottom left side of the InScribe window, this is generally what appears when the error log is not running: InScribe NoErrorlog.jpg

However, after you modify the shortcut and log into InScribe, you should see "DEBUGGING ACQUIRED," "DEBUGGING SWAPPED," or "DEBUGGING RELEASED" followed by additional information on the bottom left side.

Below are some examples of what you should see when InScribe is in error logging mode. InScribe devel.jpgInScribe debugging acquired.jpg InScribe Debugging Released.jpg

If you do not see Debugging Acquired, Debugging Released, or Debugging Swapped in the bottom left hand corner, please make sure that you created the shortcut, modified it correctly, and opened the program specifically through the shortcut.

Please note that if you log into InScribe using error logging mode and an error occurs, you need to keep the program running as you access the error log for sending to the Nuance helpdesk. Please do not shut down the program until you have contacted the helpdesk or successfully sent the error log file.

InScribe's error log file can be accessed via the %appdata% command in the Run line for Windows XP, or in the search box of Windows Vista or 7 and navigating to the Emdat folder, then the InScribe subfolder. The file will be titled ERRLOG.INI. 009 ERROR 01.jpg

InScribe errlog.jpg

Please contact Nuance helpdesk via phone or send us the files via the web ticketing system: