InScribe 6 Login Failed, Unable To Login

Sometimes an unexpected Windows Shutdown will corrupt InScribe configuration files.  This could be the result of a power outtage, Windows crash, or any other event that causes Windows to shut down unexpectedly while InScribe is running.  When the PC starts again, upon attempting to log back into InScribe, the error message "Unable to Login" or "An Error Occured During the Login Process" appears.

If this happens, please follow the steps below to clear out the jobs you were working on. This will remove all files including the corrupted file which is preventing InScribe from opening. If you had multiple jobs that might need to be recovered and not removed, please contact your helpdesk for them to try to determine which specific file was corrupted.

1. Shut down InScribe if it is open.

2. Open Windows Explorer on your computer. You can get to this by opening any folder you might have such as documents or the computer itself.

3. In the address bar at the top, type in: %appdata%


4. Press Enter to go into your Appdata\Roaming folder.

5. Find and open these folders:

6. Find the company you are trying to log-into and open that folder (this is the third field on the log-in screen).

7. Find the username that is not allowing you to log-in and rename it like this:



8. Open InScribe and try to log in again.

If that does not work, we might need to reset some other files here are some more options:
Follow steps 1-4 as before.

5. Find and open these folders:

6. Rename settings.enc in the same way you did the username folder earlier.  For example: settings_old.enc