InScribe 6 How To Restore Lost Transcription

If a Transcription is checked in by the Manager or if other technical problems arise where the contents of the transcription are lost, InScribe has an AutoSave feature and the ability to check the backup files created and attempts to restore text that was lost.

Using the "Find Existing" button in the Data Ribbon menu, under the Transcription Icon will attempt to restore lost text from the backup files.  If a backup is loaded, all existing text will be replaced by the text found in the backup file.

To search for Existing Text, select the "Data" ribbon menu tab, then press the arrow under the Transcription button to display all Transcription Options.  Then select the option "Find Existing.


InScribe will search through the local saves (either manually created or from the autosave feature) and suggest the most current restore point.  Press "Yes" to load the transcription captured from that date.