InScribe 6 Error Logging Mode

This article explains how to implement error logging mode for InScribe version 6.

Locating and Opening the InScribe6.exe.config file

1. Find the InScribe 6 configuration file in C:\Program Files (x86)\InScribe\Inscribe6.exe.config.


2. Once you have located the file, right click on the file and open it in NotePad.


Editing the InScribe6.exe.config file

1. Near the top of the text in the configuration file, locate the section that is enclosed by the <switches> and </switches> statements.


2. Edit the text so the "debugSwitch" and the "editorDebugSwitch" values are changed from "Verbose" to "All".


3. Be sure to save the edited configuration file in its current path.


After Error Logging Mode is set up

If the MT runs into an issue where the log needs to be pulled, either the MT or the helpdesk will need to exit InScribe and go to C:\Program Files (x86)\InScribe to pull the InScribe6.exe.config file to send to QA/Development. Please note that exiting InScribe as soon as the problem occurs and pulling the configuration file will ensure that the full error log will be available.