InQuiry Crashes After Navigating Away From The Home Tab

This error presented itself in Internet Explorer 7. When the user attempted to navigate away from the Home Tab in InQuiry Internet Explorer would crash all open windows. The error occurred because there was no printer driver available for a network printer. See also this article where there was no printer installed at all. To resolve this problem, the correct printer driver must be installed, or an alternate printer selected. The error will appear like this:

X07 drivers01.jpg

Clicking for further Information:

X07 drivers02.jpg

Lastly, verify that the default printer has an incorrect, or missing driver by choosing the Printers and Faxes applet:


Right Click on your default printer, and select "Properties."

X07 driver04.jpg

If the Printer Driver is missing you should receive the following error:

X07 drivers03.jpg

If this is the case, install the required drivers, or select an alternate device to print from where the drivers are installed.