InCommand Level Troubleshooting For Jobs Not Downloading In InScribe

This article will discuss the steps to troubleshoot if a job is not downloading into a transcriptionist InScribe the way you believe it should.

Check to see if the transcription's status matches the typist status

'1. The Transcription Status of the TID is easily viewable in InCommand under Management > Outstanding Jobs. In the image below, the status has been marked with a red box. In this example the TID is at "Transcription Level".

Tid status.png

2. The Typist Status can be found in Maintenance > Transcriptionists > {Select MT} > Edit Setup > InScribe Setup Options. In the image below, the status has been marked with a red box. In this example the typist is at "Transcription Level" as well.

Typist status.png

3. Make sure that these two statuses match for typists to automatically download jobs correctly.

Check to see if the transcription's pools matches the typist pools

1. The easiest way to verify if the typist is in the pool for the transcription is to click in the Pool columns for the TID in question. This area has been marked with a red box in the image below.

Tid pool.png

2. When you click in this area the following window opens showing all typists assigned to this pool. Note that all typists are listed no matter their transcription statuses (transcription level, QA1 level, etc).

Mts pool.png

3. If the transcriptionist is not listed in this area, then the job will not download to this typist automatically. The job may still be manually assigned to this typist, though.

4. If the pools for the typist need to be modified, please do so in Maintenance > Transcriptionists > {Select MT} > Modify Clients and Pools > Either Add New Pool or Edit a Pool for this Client.

5. Verify that you place a checkmark in the User Pool and Document Pool that match the TID in question. Please see image below for settings for the typist's pools. Note, the User Pool and the Document Pool for the transcription can be seen in the image in Step 2 of this section.

Mt pool setup.png

Check to make sure the audio is able to be played in InCommand

1. If a transcription is still not downloading that you believe should, check to make sure the audio is not corrupted. The easiest way to do this is to play the audio in InCommand. You can do this by going to Management > Outstanding Jobs and clicking the button marked with a red box in the image below:

Play inc.png

2. If the audio plays correctly then it is not corrupted and should have no problem downloading into InScribe for the typist either. If the audio file is corrupted then please submit a help desk ticket at for our assistance.

Check to make sure there isn't a corrupted audio file on the typist's computer which is blocking new jobs

1. In rare instances, a file that has already been downloaded onto the transcriptionist's computer might be causing the problem with new jobs downloading.

2. While logged into InScribe have the transcriptionist select File menu > Explore My Personal InScribe Folder. Note: if this option is not available, please have the transcriptionist upgrade to the latest version of the program before proceeding.

3. Leave the window that appears open on the screen and exit InScribe choosing to check-in all jobs when you are sure you have no other outstanding work you have typed on.

4. When the program has exited and all jobs are checked in, there should be no files in this folder that have extensions INI, MP3, or HTML. Pay special attention to any audio files with MP3 extensions. If you see any in this folder please delete them or move them to another location on the computer.

5. Have the transcriptionist log into InScribe and attempt to download the TID again.

These are the most useful troubleshooting tips when there are problems with transcriptions not downloading correctly to a typist's computer. If these steps do not resolve the problem please contact the helpdesk for further assistance.