InCommand Freezes As Soon As Logged In

This article will discuss a few troubleshooting methods that have resolved an issue where InCommand freezes as soon as you log in. When this problem occurs, the system accepts the username / password / client on the log-in screen and appears to be logging in normally. After only a few seconds of the Home Tab appearing, though, all functionality within Nuance and the internet window ceases. In order to close this window you need to go into the Windows Task Manager to end the task. You can open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete.

Change the Zoom Level of Internet Explorer back to 100%

Before you log into InCommand, use the zoom feature that is built into IE8 to reset to 100%. This is located in the bottom-right corner of the internet window.

This menu is shown below:

Zoom menu2.jpg

If you do not see the menu in the bottom right, the same option can be selected from the Page menu located towards the top right of your window.

Click on the Page menu, Select Zoom, then select 100% from the submenu that appears, as shown below:

Zoom menu.jpg

Reinstall the Nuance Component

Please download and run the Nuance Component found here:

After running, close all IE windows before attempting to login again.

Reset IE Back to Default Conditions

If reinstalling the Nuance Component does not help, and your zoom is already at 100% or resetting to 100% does not resolve the freezing issue then performing a full IE reset usually resolves this problem.

NOTE: Performing this process will cause you to lose any settings you have used to personalize IE. It will also erase any saved usernames and passwords for websites. You will need to type those in once again the first time you visit those websites.

1. Go to the Tools Menu within IE8. This is usually located in the top right looks like the picture shown below:

IE tools.jpg

2. Select Internet Options from the menu.

3. Go to the Advanced Tab and press the Reset button shown below:

IE reset.jpg

4. Depending on your version of Internet Explorer, you might get another option to reset additional settings. Click the button to reset these as well and follow through the process.

5. Close all IE windows and open the program again. You will need to select some initial settings in Internet Explorer first.

6. Once these settings have been made, try to log into InCommand again.

If you are still having problems after performing these steps, please contact the Nuance Help Desk.