IPhone Security And HIPAA Compliance

This article will answer questions that might relate to the security of HIPAA compliance of the new Nuance Mobile App for the iPhone.

Since the iPhone actually has a good level of security built in automatically, Nuance was able to take advantage of the closed architecture and provide a secure application. All of the database and files that Nuance Mobile writes locally to the iPhone are segregated by the Apple operating system to internal storage specific to our application. This means access to any dictations, schedules, or transcriptions that might be locally on the device is limited to using the Nuance Mobile interface with a valid login. Even so, we try to minimize local storage, using it only where temporary storage will make the application more efficient to use, or in the case of dictation to verify transmission. When in motion, all data communication is done via an SSL encrypted connection to our servers to preserve HIPAA compliancy.