How to Map Client Section Titles to ShadowScribe Section Titles

How to Map Client Section Titles to ShadowScribe Section Titles

This article explains how to take the list of client section titles and map them to ShadowScribe section titles. It assumes you have already done the document analysis and have a list of the most common section and subsection titles for the client’s document types.

Why Map Titles

Client titles are mapped to ShadowScribe section titles to attach a code to the title. Coded titles are used to setup the ShadowScribe Document Template which is used by the system’s merge process to construct the draft as well as apply layout formatting. The draft and the formatting together make up the document the MT/MLS will edit.

How to Map Titles

Go to Client Maintenance > Advanced Maintenance > ShadowScribe > Sections. To display this screen.



  1. ShadowScribe Sections Displayed as - The library or database of titles to for the MTSO. This list is shared across the entire MTSO. Any clients converted to ASR or new clients will have access to this list. For new MTSOs this list will be blank and will be filled in as titles are mapped and added to the system.
  2. Search for ShadowScribe Sections - The search box used for the client title. The client title comes from the list of common section and subsection titles gathered during the document analysis phase.
  3. Available ShadowScribe Sections - The database of system section titles. This is what you map your client title to.
  4. Display As - How the title will look to the client and MT/MLS. Most of the time the client title and system title will match exactly.

Adding a section title


1. Click the Add Section button and enter the name of the client section in the “Search For ShadowScribe Sections” box and click Search.
2. The “If this section title is recognized…” box will display all of the titles matching the words in the search.
3. Look for the title that matches what was typed in the search and double click on it. This places it in the “Display As” box.
4. Click the save button to add the title to the ShadowScribe Sections Displayed as list.

Adding a title that doesn't match exactly

Sometimes client titles will not match exactly to the “If this section title is recognized” search results. In those cases, you’ll need to find the closest match and use the “Display As” box to correct the title name.


1. Check the Custom Display box.
2. Edit the title to the desired title.

Can't find any title

Sometimes client titles will be so unique that they will not match any searched titles. In those cases, use the title in the “If this section title is recognized” results that is as close as possible to the client’s title. Then using the Custom Display to rename the title. In extreme cases, you may have to map the client title to something obscure in the “If this section title is recognized” search results.

In the example below the client’s title is “CD Data”, nothing matches.


We search for something that has the words “Data” in it.


We find “Measure Data” in the search results and then use the Custom Display to rename the “Measure Data” title to “CD Data” and click save. “CD Data” is now in our library.

Note:  Because an exact match was not found, the code will not be correct. This can cause issues with the title not being properly recognized in the draft. It may be recognized as plain text or misrecognized. The MT/MLS will need to correctly edit the title. In time, the system may learn to add the correct title.

Editing a section title

To edit a title, select the title from the “ShadowScribe Sections Displayed as” list and click “Edit Section”. This will display the title editor to the right.


From here you can search for a different title, if you need to change the code, or change the “Display As” name.

IMPORTANT: Use EXTREME CAUTION when editing existing section titles. Section titles are shared across all clients within the MTSO. If you edit an existing title in use by another client, you will affect any ShadowScribe templates that use the same title, instantly changing their existing title to the new one.

Deleting Section Titles

When deleting section titles the system will first ask if you want to delete the title.


If you select OK, it will do a check to see if any clients are using the title you want to delete, and if so will prompt you with a list of clients using the title and which templates are exactly using them.


Note: if you delete a section, it WILL NOT be deleted from existing clients, but future clients will not be able to use the section deleted.

Important notes for adding section titles

NOTE 1:  Always add section titles in grammatical title case even if you know the client wants to see titles in upper case. For titles that have prepositions like “of”, “for”, or conjunctions like “and”, put the prepositions and conjunctions in lower case and the rest in title case, following proper grammar. For titles that have acronyms put the acronyms in upper case.

E.g. “History of Present Illness”
                 Incorrect: HISTORY OF PRESENT ILLNESS or History Of Present Illness
                 Correct: “History of Present Illness”
     E.g. “MRI of the Brain”
                 Incorrect: Mri Of The Brain or Mri of the Brain
                 Correct MRI of the Brain

NOTE 2:  About searched titles, titles that appear in the “Available ShadowScribe Sections” list.


a. Some titles appear with different codes

     i. If the same title appears but with a different code, always select the highest code

b. Some titles are duplicated

i. If titles are duplicated with the same code, pick one of the titles. Be sure to correct it in the “Display As” text box as discussed in NOTE 1 above

c. Some titles appear in uppercase and title case

i. If titles appear in upper case and title case and have the same code, pick either one and then be sure to correct it in the “Display As” text box as discussed in NOTE 1 above

d. Some compound titles appear with "&" or "/"

i. If titles have one of these characters, do not use them exactly as they are, be sure to replace any “&” or “/” with the word “and” in the “Display As” text box instead see Note 3 below.

NOTE 3: Adding compound titles –titles that use any special chars like “&” or “/” are not supported by the system.  When adding compound titles ALWAYS use the word “and” instead of those titles.  ASR does not recognize those special characters in titles and will not learn them.

     E.g. "Impression and plan"

                    Incorrect: Impression & Plan or Impression/Plan

                    Correct: Impression and Plan