How to Download Files in Preliminary

This article will discuss how to download transcriptions in a Word or PDF format in InQuiry. In order to see these download options, they must be enabled in InCommand by the transcription company. If this is not complete, please have the appropriate representative follow the directions here:

How to Set Up a User to Download Transcriptions in Preliminary

There are two download options that can be turned on for InQuiry users.

PLEASE NOTE: These icons will only appear in the Preliminary folder (Signature folder). Currently, this download option is not available elsewhere in the workflow.

1. Download icon in Transcription Viewer:

Download tranview.png

Open a transcription currently in Preliminary to see this download icon in the top strip of buttons.

Click on this button to save the transcription to your computer in the default format. The filename will be "Transcription ID.extension"

Confirm save download.png

Use the Open, Save, or Save As options to view or save this document in a location of your choosing in the same way you would for any download.

2. Download icon in Preliminary Folder listing:

Download folderlist.png

Use the checkboxes on the left to select transcriptions to download. The Download All (the right button pictured above) will download all transcriptions within your current search criteria.The filename will be "" for the time the download button was pressed.

Confirm save download2.png

Choose Download Format

NOTE - For all download buttons, you can use the down arrow at the right of the button to choose the format of the download:

Choose format download.png