How to Create a New Transcriptionist

This article will give very basic information needed to create a new transcriptionist account. The transcriptionist might be setup to do typing, editing, or QA work.

The easiest and most effective way to create a new transcriptionist in the system is to find an existing MT that has similar access rights to the new MT and copy him/her. The existing transcriptionist may be someone who types for similar clients or performs a similar role to the new MT.

It is OK if the transcriptionists will have differences between them. The existing MT is just the starting point for the new transcriptionist creation process - changes or tweaks to the new MT can be made after the initial creation.

1. Go to:
InCommand > Maintenance > Transcriptionists
Maint Transcriptionists.png

2. Select the transcriptionist you have identified as the existing MTwho is appropriate to copy into the new MT and click "Copy <existing user name> to New User".
Copy Transcriptionist.png

3. Fill all appropriate information for the user, then press SAVE.
NOTE: These fields MUST be filled in:

MT Info Fields.png

NOTE: The initials field is not required, but is used by the print template in instances where the transcriptionists initials should appear on the transcription. Make sure to fill these in if MT initials should ever appear on TIDs.

NOTE: If a Company Default Password has been setup, then the password for the new transcriptionist should be setup as that default password. Find the CompanyDefault Password here:
InCommand > Maintenance >  Defaults > Password Options > Temporary Password

4. After you have saved this transcriptionist, you can make further changes to add information or modify access or settings to differentiate him/her from the existing MT who was copied. Here are notable settings that might need to be adjusted:
Edit MT > InScribe Setup Options - Typist Status
Edit MT > InCommand Security Roles
Modify Clients and Pools >