How to Create a New Document Type

This article will discuss how to create a new document type for a client.

The easiest and most effective way to create a new document type in the system is to find an existing doctype that has a similar workflow to the new doctype and copy it. Changes can be made to the new document type after it is created.

1. Go to:
InCommand > Client Maintenance > Document Types
Client maint doctypes.png

2. Select the document type you have identified as the existing doctype that is appropriate to copy into the new doctype and click "Copy <existing doctype>".
Copy doctype.png

3. Fill in the Document Type Name and Description then press SAVE.
Doctype fields.png
NOTE: The document type name has a maximum of 8 characters and is the code for the document type. The name must be unique within the client. The document type description is longer and can be the same between multiple document types.

4. After you have saved this document type, you can make changes to it by selecting it and clicking "Edit <Doctype>".
Edit doctype.png

It might be necessary to put in a print template request or interfacing request for changes of this new document type from the existing. Please do that here: