How to Add, Remove And Edit Words In The User Dictionaries

This article will outline how to add, remove and edit words in the user dictionaries.

1) Click on Options>Spelling and Typing options.

Spelling one.jpg

2) Select the dictionary you would like to make changes to under the "User Dictionaries" section. For this example we will use the "userdic.tlx" and then click on "View Words".

Spelling two.jpg

3) Click on the Plus (+) symbol and type in the new word, then click "OK".

Spelling three.jpg

4) To delete a word select the word you want to delete and click on the Minus (-) symbol. Then click "Yes".


5) Finally, to edit a word, select the word you want to edit and then click on the box on the far right shown below. Make the corrections, then click "OK".