How To Upload Audio From A Folder In InSync 5

This article will show how to upload audio files from a folder using InSync 5. This is useful when there are audio files that are located on the computer or a server location off of a USB device that need to be uploaded. If you need files uploaded on a regular basis, then consider setting up ShadowLink to automate this process.

  1. Click the icon of InSync to bring up the menu and select Devices:
    InSync5 Menu Devices.png

  2. Click the button, Upload From Folder:
    InSync5 UploadFromFolder.png

  3. Find the audio files to upload and select all of them (you can multi-select in the normal ways such as dragging and holding the Ctrl or Shift keys while clicking.)
    InSync5 MultiSelectAudio.png

  4. Press the Open button in the image above.

  5. Select the demographics that the files will upload with: User, Document Type, Location.
    InSync5 SelectUser.png
    InSync5 SelectDocType.png
    InSync5 SelectLocation.png

    NOTE: The demographics can be done on a single audio file or batch basis. When dealing with large numbers of files, it might be easier to work in batches of like-demo audio files.

  6. The files will all queue and upload. The progress can be monitored in the Dictation Log tab of InSync:
    InSync5 DictationLog.png