How To Update InSync After Receiving The New Version Message

This article will take you through the steps to update your older version of InSync to our latest version. We are currently requiring any version of InSync prior to 4.9.369 to be updated. If you are using a version prior to 4.9.369 you may receive a message stating that you should update. Please exit out of InSync, and follow the steps below to update.

1. When Insync starts you will notice the following message. Click on "Yes".


2. You will then be taken to the Emdat InSync software download page shown below. Click on the "Version 4.9.385" install link. You can also find this link here:


3. A window will appear asking you to either run/open, save, or cancel. Click on "Run" or "Open".


4. Another window may appear like the one below. If so, click "Run" or "Open".


NOTE: If you did not exit out of InSync prior to running this upgrade you will see the following screen. Please right click on the InSync icon in your taskbar and click "Exit" to close it. Then click on "OK" for the message on the screen below. If you did not receive this message proceed to step 5.


5. The Emdat setup wizard will start, please click on "Next".


6. Click on "Next" for the installation folder screen.


7. Click on "Next" for the confirm installation screen.


8. Click on "Close" for the installation complete screen.


9. Click on "Close" for this installation message screen after it has completed.


10. The upgrade has been completed at this point. InSync will not be running at this time since it was closed prior to the upgrade running. You will need to start it manually at this point. I would suggest creating a new desktop shortcut icon (your old one may not work after the upgrade); here is what you want to click on to create it.


11. You should now have an icon for it as pictured below, double click to start up InSync and you're done.