How To Turn On Or Off Watermarks

Watermarks can be turned on and off through InCommand. First go into client maintenance, select document types, select the document type that you want to alter watermark settings for and select edit for that document type. On the right hand side of the screen you will notice a section labeled watermark options. Click the watermark options to expand it, and you will see the options that can be set. Remember to select save after making the changes.

Watermark options.jpg

There is also a setting in InCommand where you can give certain users the right to print originals without the watermark. This can be found under the users section in client maintenance. Select the user, select edit, click to expand the "Access Rights' section. In the Access Rights section you will see an option called "can print originals", check this option to allow the selected user to print without watermarks. Remember to save your changes.

Can print originals.jpg