How To Submit A Print Template Request

The print template controls how a document appears above and below the text that is typed by the transcriptionist. Changes to print templates need to be submitted to Nuance print templates staff as a ticket.



  1. To submit a print template request go to the Nuance Ticket web page or copy/paste this link:

  2. Click on the Print Templates and VR Style Sheets button to start creating the new ticket.

  3. Select the "Print Template" option and click on Next.
    Print template ticket.png

  4. The print template ticket form should appear now and all fields with a red asterisk (*) must be filled in to be able to submit the print template request. The request should be as clear and detailed as possible. Note: Client does not equal the MTSO code. Please see What is a Client Code for more information about how to find the client code for the client field.

  5. Click on "Send" once all information has been filled out, and if it is all correct you will see a notice giving you the ticket number. An email will be sent to the email address with information on your ticket including the ticket number. Make a note of that ticket number, as it will expedite future requests about that ticket if it is given to Nuance staff.

  6. There is also the option to attach files after the form is submitted. Click on "attach file" to attach a file. See How To Attach A File To A Print Template Request for further instruction on how to attch a file. A scanned image or document that shows what is wanted will expedite the print template change request.
    1. Note: A single document can be attached to the ticket. If more than one document needs to be attached attach and upload the first, and then click on 'back' and do the process over again.
    2. Note: The file size has to be less than 5MB in size.
    3. Tip: If you will have more than 5 files to attach or file size is going to be more than 5MB, then zip the file(s) and then attach the zipped folder(s).

         Figure 1 - Before hitting Send

         Figure 2 - After hitting Send