How To Submit A Graphical Signature


To submit a graphical signature please print out the following form and fill it out. There are two ways to submit an electronic signature for Nuance staff to upload, or a signature can be added to a user account by someone with access to User Maintenance through InCommand or InQuiry.

Graphical Signature Form

We do not accept signatures by FAX, because the image will be of too low quality to be usable.

Option 1: Mail

Print out the signature form and have the dictator sign it in clean black ink. Have them try to keep the signature inside the box. Please ensure that all information is filled out on the forms, especially the dictator's name in clear printed text and the client code.

Mail the completed signature forms to this address.

Emdat, Inc
ATTN: Signatures
328 E Lakeside St
Madison, WI 53715

Option 2: Email

Please make sure that the client code, and a contact phone number, are on the form. Scan the signature form at 200 dpi (dots per inch) or more, and do the scan in grayscale. Then email it to

Refer to the instructions for your scanner and graphics software on how to adjust scanner settings.

Scanning a Signature to use as an Electronic Image

Signatures should be done in clean black ink on white paper. It is best for the signature image to not cross any lines or text, which would then have to be cut away using a graphics editing program. Signatures done on colored papers or with colored inks can be very difficult to turn into a clean electronic image that will look good on screen or on paper.

All scanners function differently, but the best way to scan an image is to scan it in grayscale at 200DPI or more, and save the image as a graphics file. The preferred file types are PNG and JPG. Refer to the instruction manual for your scanner and graphics package for instructions on how to do this.

Do not scan the image as a black and white image, or at resolutions below 200DPI. This will result in a loss of signature detail, and will create a 'jaggy' image. Below are signature images created from a 100 black and white scan, and an image created from a 300DPI greyscale scan.

Badscan.png Scanned at 100DPI in black and white

Goodscan.png Scanned at 300DPI in greyscale

If submitting the signature to Nuance by email, please scan the entire page so the user name and client code are visible on the form. If the scan has just the signature on it, save the file with a name that will let us identify the client and the name of the user the signature belongs to. For example, if submitting a signature image for John Green at the client DEMO, save the file as: DEMO-green-john.jpg

Other Image Scan Formats

Some scanners can export signatures in other formats, like TIFF, RAW, or PDF. We can usually get signature images from any of these formats with no problems. If there are any problems wtih a particular image sent to, we will contact you as soon as possible and let you know.