How To Set Up Custom InTouch Dictation IDs

Some clients may prefer to assign custom Dial-In Dictation IDs to their clinicians instead of using the default Nuance assigned Dictation ID. Custom Dictation IDs, in addition to being shorter, can also have special significance to the provider that makes the number easier to use or remember. For example, providers could be assigned a Dictation ID that matched their phone extension or office number.

Custom Dictation IDs do require additional maintenance by the Transcription Company or the Client themselves as duplicate IDs are not permitted. Additionally, clients with custom numbers are not able to dial into the Nuance Toll Free number, which only accepts the default Nuance numbers.

To begin the process, request a Custom Dictation ID telephone number from the Nuance helpdesk:



B: 608-270-6400 x1

When the telephone number has been assigned, enter the Client Maintenance portion of InCommand.

Choose Client Defaults and Non-Workflow Settings.

011 DID 02.jpg

Locate the "Use InTouch Dictation" check box and configure the settings as required. Choosing a number from the "InTouch DID" drop down menu will activate the custom Dictation ID fields and inactivate the Nuance default IDs. Adding the area code 608 to the DID selected will create the telephone number that the client dials to dictate using the InTouch system. Transcription companies who want to provide their clients with toll free numbers can forward their own toll free numbers to the DID number received from Nuance.

011 DID 01.jpg

To assign a user a custom Dictation ID navigate to the Users section of InCommand's Client Maintenance.

011 DID 03.jpg

Choose a user to assign a Dictation ID to and select the option to Edit.

011 DID 04.jpg

In the subsection Telephone Dictation Options enter the custom Dictation ID in the Dial-In Dictation ID field then save the change.

011 DID 05.jpg

Note: Changes to InTouch settings can take up to 30 minutes to replicate to all InTouch servers.

Remember to maintain a list of which Dictation IDs have been used. Transcription Companies and Clients are required to maintain their own custom Dictation IDs!