How To Set Up Client News From InCommand

Nuance has a Client News feature that allows transcription companies to deliver news to their clients through InQuiry. This article explains how to set up the feature from InCommand as well as how it looks from the client's perspective in InQuiry.

1. From InCommand, go to your transcription company Maintenance tab and select the "News Maintenance" option under the "Advanced Maintenance" subtab shown below.

InCommand maintenance3.png InCommand maintenance2.png

2. To add a new News Item, click on "Add News Item."

InCommand addNewsItem.png

3. Enter information for the News Item and click Save on the bottom of the page. Title, Description, Start Date, and End Date are required fields and will not allow you to save the News Item if any of the four fields is left blank.

Title: This field is for the title of your News Item. Description: This field holds the body of the News Item. Please note there is a 500 character limit for this field. Url: This field This field holds a link to external content for the News Item. It must begin with "http://", "https://", or "mailto:" Start Date: This field holds the first date the News Item will be shown in the InQuiry homepage. It is a required field in m/d/yyyy format. End Date: This field holds the late date the News Item will be shown on the InQuiry homepage. It is a required field in a m/d/yyyy format. Show To: Checkboxes for this section control the type of users to whom the News Item will be shown. These settings are found in Client Maintenance > User Maintenance > Edit user > Dictating Clinician Options > User Dictates. NOTE: To allow all users to see the News Item, select both Dictating and Non-Dictating Users. Clients: Check the "All Clients" box to show this News Item to all clients. If this box is unchecked, you will be able to select specific clients in a grid below the checkbox.

InCommand news addnews.jpg

The Clients section will look like this when the "All Clients" box is unchecked: InCommand news clients.png

4. After you click Save, the news item will be displayed in the information section to your clients from the InQuiry homepage. ->The Title will appear in the blue bar along with the Start Date in the news section. ->The Description field will appear beneathe the blue bar containing the Title and Start Date. InQuiry news.jpg

Note for editing existing News Items 'To edit existing News Items, there is one extra step to take after you click on the company Maintenance tab and select the "News maintenance" option. The box on the left side will show a list of News Items that can be edited. Click to highlight the News Item you wish to edit. Then click on the "Edit" button that is below the "Add News Item." InCommand editNewsItem.png

After you click the "Edit" button, you will be able to edit any information regarding the News Item. After the editing is finished, be sure to click the Save button on the bottom of the page. InCommand editNewsItem2.png