How To Reset An InQuiry User's Password From InCommand

This article will discuss how to rest an InQuiry user's password from InCommand should the user forget theirs.

1.  First go into Client Maintenance > Client Defaults . User Password Options.  This is where the Client's default password is stored.




2.  Copy the default password and navigate to Client Maintenance > Maintenance > Users


3.  Select user and Edit user.


 4.  Expand the User Information on the right by clicking on the "+" and find the password area.


5.  You can either put in the Client default password here or "generate temporary password" which will auto-populate the password box.  Click on SAVE.

6.  Have the user verify that this is working now.  These passwords will generate this message:


7.  Have the user click on OK and the user will now be able to create their own password.