How To Re-Export A File Within InCommand

This article will explain how to export a file in the InCommand application for Clients who are still using Shadowlink Version 1. This is useful if you have a file that did not export correctly the first time or if there was some problem with the client receiving the export.

1. In InCommand login and click the "Management" Tab.

2. From there, click on the "Delivered Transcriptions" link as pictured below:


3. Make sure to Select the Client and then search for the transcription that needs to be exported.

4. Click on the appropriate transcription to bring up the following information screen.


5. Uncheck the "Exported" box if it is checked and then click "Save" in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

By unchecking this box, the transcription with be exported by the system. If you bring up the Transcription Information screen and this box is already checked, it signifies that the transcription was exported. You can re-export files any number of times by bringing up this screen, unchecking the box, and clicking save. Please note that this will not work for older transcriptions (approximately 1 year). To export older transcriptions please contact the Nuance help desk.