How To Install Or Update InScribe

This article gives step by step instructions for downloading or installing the InScribe application. Additional information on InScribe can be found in the user manual located here:

Note: If you are on a network with multiple users, please make sure your Windows Login ID has installing and uninstalling privileges. If you are not sure, please contact your PC support person or IT department.

Download the InScribe application from the NUANCE Software page here:

Select the version of InScribe you would like to install by clicking the install link. Note: It is recommended that you contact your company manager to verify what version you should install if you are not sure.

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Select "Open" or "Run."

InScribe will start downloading. This may take several minutes depending on your internet connection. Once the download is complete you may receive an Internet Explorer warning asking you if you would like to install the file. Select "Open" or "Run."

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Read and Agree to the EULA (End User License Agreement)

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You will next see our "What's new" screen. We ask that you read through the recent changes to InScribe and click the checkbox at the bottom indicating you have read the notes.

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Select "Continue."

InScribe will now begin the installation process. Click on "Next."

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Next select the installation folder. Nuance recommends using the default location. Click on "Next" to advance to the next window, where the user will be asked to confirm the file path. Click "Next" again to complete the installation.

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Select the "Close" button on the two following screens. The installation is now complete. Contact your transcription company for log-in information.

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