How To Insert Tables And Change Column Widths In Document Templates

This guide will go through the process of creating a table in the document template editor and resizing the columns of a table to better present data. The process is very different than the functionality in Microsoft Word.

Creating a Table

1. In the Document Template Editor, click the "Insert a Table" button in the tool bar strip at the top of the window as shown below.


2. That will bring up the following window which has been marked with four red letter balloons:


Changing these will result in the following property changes in your Table:

a. Rows: the number of cells down the table will go

b. Columns: the number of cells across the table will go

c. Specify Width: default is percentage, this will determine how far across the screen the table will go. 100% means it will be the full width of the page, 50% is half the width of the page, etc.

d. Once you have made your selections click the "OK" button to insert the table.

For reference the following two tables have been made to show the the result in a change of these variables:


Changing the Column Widths of a table.

Some opening notes:

1. Place your curser in a cell in the column you wish to change. It is highly recommended that you begin with the left most column and work your way to the right.

2. Click on the Cell Properties button as shown below. Note: In the example, the curser is in the top left cell in the 4x3 bottom table.


3. This will bring up the following window in which the Specify Width option has already been changed to 10%. Make sure that the checkbox for "Specify Width" is checked.


4. Repeat step 3 for each of the columns which need specific widths. Reminder: It is typically preferable to work from the left to the right.

Below are some examples of tables with different cell widths. Numbers in cells indicate that they have specified widths, "u"s indicate that the cell has no specified width. All tables were created as 1 row, 4 columns.


By following these steps, you can insert tables and change the column widths to suit your needs.