How To Grant Access To Reports

Granting access to management reports is done by assigning permissions directly to a user, or by assigning a user to a Reports Group that has access to the reports the user requires. Using group based can save an administrator time, especially if you have a large number of users who all need access to the same reports. Regardless of which method you elect to use, every individual user who needs access to reports will need to be assigned the privilege to see the link to the report menu. The reports link appears under the Management and Maintenance tabs of InCommand, and also in Inquiry here:
That access is granted in teh Users Maintenance menu:


To create a Reports Group enter Client Maintenance and select the drop down menu "Groups". Click on "Reports Groups".


After creating a new group, name it and check the boxes of the reports you want group members to have access to. Then add users to that group:


If you only have a few users who need access to reports, or if they all require different access levels, it may be just as easy to set up access to management reports on the user level. Additionally, if a user is a member of a group but does not need access to all of the reports that group uses, some permissions can also be revoked at the user level. To manage report access on a user level, locate the user in the users menu of the Client Maintenance tab and select the Management Reports option below:


Adding additional reports to a user who already has access to some reports on a Group level, or revoking access to reports granted on a group level might look like this: