How To Create a New Pool Category Within InCommand

                                                                                                                            Creating a New Dictating User Pool

The maximum number of Dictating User Pools is 31, so if you need to add another dictating user pool you will need to create a new Pool Category by following the steps below.

Before you can add a new Pool Category you would need to do the following.

1.Go to the Maintenance Tab - Client Defaults.

Client Default.gif

2.Select the Non- Work Flow settings.

Non-Work Flow settings.gif

3.Under Pool Categories place a check in this box, save.

Pool Categories.gif

4.Under Maintenance Tab select Pools and Dictating User Pools

Dictating User Pools.gif

5.Select Add New Pool Category - Save.

Add New Pool.gif

6.You can then add a new user to this newly created Pool