How To Create a KB Article

This article will explain how to make a KB article on the Nuance Knowledge Base. It is meant to be used by Nuance Employees. These features will not be available if you do not have the appropriate credentials to log in (step 2).

Article Content Tips:
• Title mentions key words that would be useful if you were looking for this article.
• Article begins with a brief description of what the article is about.
• Article is usually in a numeric list of steps that are very precise so a user of any skill level could follow along without missing a step.
• Steps that can have an image, do have an image.

1. Open the KB

2. Log In
Your credentials are the same as InCommand
KB Login.png

3. Type in the name of the article you want to create in the search field:
KB Search.png

4. Search for the article. The window will appear indicating it does not exist.

5. Click on the link that says: Create the page “<article name>” on this wiki!
KB SearchResult.png

6. Type normally or copy/paste into the text editor
NOTE! You cannot enter pictures at this time.
NOTE! You might need to adjust formatting.
KB EditWindow.png

7. Save the article.

8. Check for any formatting fixes after saving.
TIP: <Shift+Enter> is a good way to create a carriage return if the normal <Enter> is acting weird.

9. Use SnagIT to get images to insert into the article wherever appropriate. Save them to your computer:
NOTE: It is recommended to name them something simple but descriptive:
KB SaveImages.png

10. Edit the article again:
KB EditButton.png

11. Fill in the pictures where they belong using this syntax: [[IMAGE:<imagename>]]
NOTE: the Image name needs to be exact and is case sensitive.
KB ImageFill.png

12. Save the article again.
NOTE: The images will currently be broken – that is OK.
KB BrokenImages.png

13. Click the Link on the left called: Upload File
KB UploadFile.png

14. Click on Choose File:
KB ChooseFileButton.png

15. Find an Image that you have not uploaded yet, select it and click OPEN.
KB ImageSelect.png

16. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Upload File”
KB UploadFileButton.png

17. Repeat steps 13-17 for all Images.

18. View your article again (you might need to search for it).

19. Note any images that are still broken. These might have had a typo in the name or the image might not have gotten uploaded correctly. Fix them through editing the article again or uploading the image.
KB ImageStillBroken.png

20. After all images are fixed. Verify all of the information in the article is professionally written and do any further formatting tweaks.

21. Submit the link of the article through email to your manager. He might provide further updates, suggestions, or fixes for the article.

22. Once the article is finalized, your manager will make it available in the correct category.