How To Create Schedule Resources

What a Schedule Resource Is

Schedule Resources are used to link a patient appointment to one or more dictating user accounts.

There are three main elements to what makes a Schedule Resource:

The Resource ID is a code that links the Schedule Resource to patient appointments. When the Resource ID field for a patient appointment is the same as the Resource ID of a Schedule Resource, then that appointment is linked to the users that have been assigned to the Schedule Resource. When appointments are uploaded from a scheduling system using an Emdat Interface, it is the non-Emdat scheduling system that dictates what these codes will be.

Resource Name can be anything. It is a name that makes the schedule resource make sense to an InCommand user that wants to manage the list of Schedule Resources. When Schedule Resources are automatically created from appointments they are the same as the Resource ID.

The users assigned to a schedule resource are what links the dictating users to that Schedule Resource, and from that, to the patient appointments that share the same Resource ID. To view the users assigned to a resource, click on the resource, and then click on the "Select Users for..." link.

Creating Schedule Resources

The easiest way to create Schedule Resources is from existing patient appointments. Patient appointments are usually sent in from the scheduling system at the client health facility using the Emdat ShadowLink service. If this does not yet exist, submit an interface ticket at To automatically create a set of schedule resources from existing appointments click on the "Load from Existing Schedule" link.


A new prompt will appear asking if the schedule resources should "Pull Distinct Dictation ID from Patient's Appointments" or "Pull Distinct Dictation ID from Users". Use the "Pull Distinct Dictation ID from Patient's Appointments" option, and then click on "OK". If there are Resource IDs assigned to the appointments, those IDs will appear in a list just under the "Schedule Resources" label. These will probably be abstract numbers and codes that the client's scheduling software uses to identify people, or groups of people, responsible for those appointments.

Linking a Schedule Resource to Users

Now that the schedule resources exist, they need to be linked to the users, but unless the Resource IDs sent from the client are similar to the user names of the dictators that are assigned to that appointment, they need to be found first. The easiest way to do this is to refer to the client schedules and find an appointment that should be showing up for a user but is not; in their iPhone, Android, or InSync schedule list for example.

The user Solomon Green is logged into InSync in the screen shot below, but because his name is not added to any schedule resources, his appointments will not appear in the Record tab until it is.


The client's internal scheduling system shows that there should be an appointment for John Smith appearing here. Now go to Client Maintenance -> Maintenance -> Patients and search for "Smith" to find that appointment, click on "View Appointments for Smith, John", and finally click on the appointment in the list and click on "Edit Selected Appointment".


The Resource ID for the John Smith is '25', so the scheduling system at the client uses the that number to identify the dictator Solomon Green.


Now go back to Client Maintenance -> Maintenance -> Schedule Resources and find the '25' Schedule Resource. Click on it to select it, and then click on "Select Users for Schedule Resource". Select the user to be associated with that Schedule Resource (Solomon Green) and then click on save to save the change.


Now the patient appointments uploaded from the client with the Resource ID '25' will be associated with the user account for Solomon Green. Those appointments will show up whenever he logs into InSync, or the iPhone or Android apps.