How To Create An InQuiry Desktop Shortcut

This article gives step by step instructions on how to create a desktop shortcut to InQuiry. You will need to do this if your computer's default web browser does not support InQuiry. With some browsers some InQuiry functions will not work, and the only solution is to use Internet Explorer.

1. Click on the right mouse button anywhere on your computer's desktop background. When you do, you will see a menu pop up. Move the mouse cursor down the menu to the "New" menu item. When you do you will see the following pictured sub-menu:


2. Click on the menu item that says "Shortcut". It will usually be the second item on that second menu. The following "Create Shortcut" wizard will appear:


3. Click on the "Browse..." button in the Create Shortcut window. This will bring up a the following window:


4. You will need to browse through the folders to your Internet Explorer executable file. It will be called "iexplore" or "iexplore.exe". Please find it here:

64 bit computers: Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files (x86) > Internet Explorer > 32 bit computers: Computer > Local Disk (C:) > Program Files > Internet Explorer >

NOTE: If you are not sure if you have a 32 or 64 bit computer, choose the (x86) option if it is available.


Scroll down the list until you see the Internet Explorer executable. It is called iexplore and looks like this:


Click on this icon and click on the "OK" button. Now you will be returned to the create shortcut window shown below:


5. Now you will need to add the address of the InQuiry website so that this shortcut takes you directly there when Internet Explorer starts. Click at the end of the text highlighted in blue to put the text cursor there. Press space, and then type in: The completed entry in the text box should look similar to this: Iexploreshortcutentry.png NOTE: The above image is for a 32 bit computer.

6. Click on the "Next" button. You will be taken to a window where it asks you to name the shortcut. Type "InQuiry" into the text box and click on the "Finish" button. You should now have a short cut link to InQuiry that will use Internet Explorer instead of your computer's default browser.

7. If Internet Explorer asks if it should be made the default browser on your computer answer no. To turn off this warning window click on the Tools | Internet Options menu item. A new window will appear with several tabs at the top. Click on the "Programs" tab. You will see something like this: Iedefaultbrowsernag.png Uncheck the circled box so that you no longer receive prompts about IE being the default browser.

We have just created an InQuiry Shortcut for users that have a default browser other than Internet Explorer that won't work with the system.