How To Configure InScribe For Some USB Foot Pedals Including The IN-PI-USB

If you are experiencing trouble with the functionality of your USB foot pedal while using Nuance InScribe, here is a potential fix to some common problems. Below you will find a list of some of the more common foot pedal issues such as:

1. InScribe will not play when you press play on the foot pedal

2. InScribe will not stop when you press or release the play pedal (depending on how the foot pedal is setup)

3. Using the "Configure a USB Foot Pedal" wizard found on the options menu of InScribe and you are unable to get past the "Press and release the button you would like to function as PLAY" section.



Try this fix:

Check the separate play/pause box located on the options menu of InScribe.

Then go to "set actions..." from the options menu of Inscribe and select F9 to be the pause key.


This replaces the seldom used Save key. (InScribe has a built in Auto-save feature) If you would like to keep the save button you could select a different action key that you don't use to be used for the "save" button.


This may fix the problem you are having. It has been a known issue for Infinity IN-PI-USB foot pedals but may be a fix for several other foot pedals as well.