How To Change to an External Media Player in InScribe

This article will describe how to change the media player to an external player in InScribe. Please consult your manager before making this change.

Changing the audio player is most useful when you are experiencing some problems with the Windows Media Player or Built In Player options within InScribe. The most frequent reason to switch to an external media player is added compatibility with footpedals.

Please note:

1. Close InScribe if it is open, then open InScibe to the Log-In window.

2. Expand the Options section and click the "..." button next to the field "Player".
InScribe Browse Player.png

3. Navigate to the executable file (.exe) of the program you would like to function as the external media player.
InScribe Player Browse.png

4. Now, you can log into InScribe like normal. When an audio file loads, it will open the audio file in the program you selected in Step 3.

If InScribe is not opening the audio file correctly, or the program selected cannot play it, please either select a new executable file in Step 3 or change your media player back to Windows Media Player using the drop down menu found in Step 2.