How To Change Proxy Settings In InQuiry

This article will describe how to change a user's proxy rights in InQuiry.

1. Log into InQuiry here:

2. Click on the "Maintenance" link found on the Home Tab pictured below: NOTE: If you do not have the Maintenance link, then you do not have access to perform this operation. Please contact an administrator or your transcription company.

InQ Maint.jpg

3. A new window will open. Click the folder called "Users" as pictured below:

InQ Maint Users.jpg

4. Follow the steps pictured below:

1) Select the appropriate user from the list.

2) Click the "Proxy for <selected user>" link.

3) Assign the appropriate proxy rights.

Proxy Rights: The user can view the clinician's files. This must be checked for the other columns to be editable.

Edit: The user can edit the clinician's files completely.
Complete: The user can complete the clinician's files from the preliminary folder.
Edit Header Only: The user can edit the information section on the clinician's files, but not the transcription text itself.

Note: A check mark in the Result column indicates the option is turned on. A red-x or blank indicates the option is turned off. Check marks and red-x's in user settings override group settings (if any).

4) Press the "Save" button.

Inq Proxy.jpg