How To Change Available QA Levels For A Client

If a dictation does not go to QA when expected, or is stuck at a QA level, the Client Relationship may be set to not use QA levels above the level that a job is supposed to move from. The relationship with that client might only be set up for a maxiumum level of QA2, so jobs will not move from QA2 to QA3, for example.

A status level might be reduced from a higher level if there are not enough staff to cover all of the possible QA levels.

To check this setting, and to change it, go to Maintenance -> Clients, select the client in question, and then click on "Edit Relationship with ..."


In the Relationship Setup the first item is the Status Levels, which dictates the number of levels of QA used for that client. In this case, the dictations of this client will only use Transcription and QA1. Jobes for this client will never go to QA2 or higher.


To change this, click on the Status Levels field, and select the highest level of QA to be used with this client.

To change what QA level a transcriptionist account can work on, go to Maintenance -> Transcriptionists -> Edit Setup for.... -> InScribe Setup Options -> Typist Status