How To Backup And Restore AutoText

To backup your AutoText in InScribe Version 4.9, we have an option in place under the "Tools" section of the menu along the top on InScribe.

Select "Tools", then "Backup Personal Files".


This will automatically place a backup of your current AutoText entries in a directory called InScribe in your "My Documents" directory. We have also included an option to Restore Personal Files under the "Tools" menu. This will copy the InScribe Autotext directory from the "My Documents" directory and place it back within InScribe for you. If you are trying to copy the AutoText entries from one PC to another, please place the InScribe folder that is created in the "My Documents" folder from the original backup performed to the "My Documents" folder on the new PC before running the restore option to put them back in place.

Note: It is always a good idea to have an additional backup of your AutoText not located on the computer you are using in case of hard drive failure.