How To Attach A File To A Print Template Request

This article will detail how to attach a file(s) to a Print Template request. It will cover best practices for saving files including images and attaching multiple files. You may attach as many files as you need to but each file cannot exceed 5MB in size.

Types of Files for Attachment

Soft Copy (ie. .DOC or .PDF)If you have an example of the document already on the computer, the best way to submit it is in Word format (doc or docx or pdf). You can follow the steps on How To Create A Print Template Sample or How To Create A .DOC Or .PDF Of An Existing Print Template to produce a sample, and then modify it in a program such as MS Word to show us what you need.

Submitting the file in this way will allow us to see more detailed information such as the margin spacing, font size, and font style without having to estimate or guess. This is the preferred way to submit attachments.

Hard Copy (ie. .JPG or .GIF)If you have an example of the document as a print-out on paper, it is best to scan the document as an image.

Some good guide lines which will preserve image quality while keeping file size small are:

Resolution - around 300 dpi; Format - jpg or pdf; Color - If there is color on the document, make sure to scan in color. If scanned in at grayscale level quality, we will use any logos at the grayscale level.

Attaching Multiple FilesIf you have multiple files to attach (5 or more), it is helpful to compress them into one zipped file to send up (Note: Each file or zip file can’t exceed 5MB). This will reduce the amount of time you spend attaching the documents and for us to download the files.

  1. Find the files on the computer that you want to attach. If they are not all in the same place, put them in the same folder or on the desktop for easy zipping.

  2. Select all of the files that you want to compress into a single file. One way to do this is to hold down your left mouse button and draw a box around the files as shown below:
    Select documents.jpg

  3. Right click on the files to bring up the context menu. Select the option "Send To" and then "Compressed (zipped) Folder" as shown below:
    Send to zip.jpg

  4. A new file should be created in this same location as the files with the file extension "zip". This is a compressed file which contains all of the files within it.

  5. Attach the zipped file(s) to the ticket rather than the individual files.

 How to attach a file or zipped file

  1. After create your ticket How To Submit A Print Template Request, you will get a confirmation page. At the top of the page there is botton called "attach file" that you can click on to attach file(s). Click on this button.

  2. Clicking on the button will display a pop up box that allows you to browse to the file that you want to upload. This is where you go to find the .doc, .pdf, .jpg, or the zipped file. If you have multiple you want to upload, don't worry. We will get to that next.

  3. Once you find your file, click on the upload button.

  4. Once the file has uploaded, it will display a new pop up mssage that says it was successful. If this is your ONLY file to upload, you can close out of this pop up. If you have more files to upload, click the back button and repeat steps 2 & 3 until you have all your files uploaded.

  5. Below is an example message of an attachment not getting uploaded. Majority of the time you will get this message if the file is more than 5MB in size.