How To Assign a Pool to a Transcriptionist

This article will explain how to setup a new pool to a transcriptionist, editor, or QA.

This will allow the MT to type work for a new client or doctors/document types that she did not have access to before.

1. Go to:
InCommand > Maintenance > Transcriptionists
Maint Transcriptionists.png

2. Select the transcriptionist and click Modify Clients and Pools for {MT}
Modify Clients Pools.png

3. Click on Add New Pool Assignment Wizard
Add New Pool Wizard.png

4. Select the Client that will be typed and click NEXT.
Choose Client.png

5. Use the options in Step 2: Pool Options to determine which pools will be assigned as well as what QA options the typist will have then click FINISH.
Step2 Pool Options.png

6. Click EXIT on the confirmation screen.

7. After creating the pool, you may need to adjust payment and other settings for this client with this link: Manage Client Options (Pay, Access, etc.)
Manage Client Pay Options.png

Troubleshooting for files not routing to a transcriptionist through pooling can be found here: