How To Adjust TID Priority

Concerning outstanding dictations, it is possible to prioritize documents further than just beyond how long a TID has been outstanding and when it is due. This method can be used to accelerate documents that the provider wants quickly, or STAT, and it can also be used to delay documents that the provider needs at later dates.

Here is more information on marking a file as STAT:

How To Mark A TID As STAT In InCommand

TIDs are assigned a priority value One (1) through Ten (10) with a value of 1 being the highest priority, and a value of 10 being the lowest priority a document can be assigned. The default value is 4 and most dictating users can request STAT dictations which are assigned a priority of 2. Dictations can be assigned other priorities, and in the following demonstration client there are several different methods we can use to change the priority of a document.

First, we can change a single dictation by clicking on it in the outstanding menu and changing an individual TID priority.


Alternately, we can select with the check boxes a portion of the TIDs in the Search.


Select the Modify button at the Top Right of the Search criteria.


Chose the priority desired and select "Save Selected" to change the priority of the TIDs selected, or alternately select "Save All" to change the priority ALL Transcriptions that matched the search criteria.


Even TIDs that are older will be completed after TIDs marked with a higher priority. All TIDs marked with Priority 1 must be checked out before the system will start checking out documents with priority 2.