How Do I Append A Transcription In InQuiry

The following steps will take you through the procedure to append one transcription to another.

1. Make note of the Transcription ID of the original transcription that will be the first part of the new appended transcription.

2. Click on and open the transcription that is to be attached to the original transcription.

3. Once the transcription is open, click on the edit button up top.


4. Click on the "Append" button up top now that you are in the edit mode.


5. You will now see the following message displayed.


6. Now enter the transcription id# of the original transcription that this one is to be appended to and select "OK". The transcription will now be joined as one under the original transcription # we noted at the start. If you open the original transcription now you will notice at the bottom the message - Appended Transcription - Dictated on Date/Time. The append note will be followed by the appended information that was added.