Graphical Signature Not Appearing in InQuiry

If a graphical signature is not showing up in the system, there could be few reasons. Here are the most common ones:

The user does not have a graphical signature stored in the system

You can look in the user's set up to see if indeed they do have a signature on file.

Client Maintenance > Users > [select User] > Edit [User] > User Information > See if a signature graphic is there.


If there is no signature graphic here, please follow the steps on How to Upload a Graphical Signature or submit a ticket for assistance.

The user does not have "Use Electronic Signature" checked

Client Maintenance > Users > [select User] > Edit [User] > Dictating Clinician Options > Use Electronic Signature


This setting must be on for signature graphics to appear.

Document has not yet been COMPLETED by the user

If the user has both of the above and it is still not showing up, than make sure that the document was COMPLETED from the preliminary folder by that user. If it was completed from anyone else other than that user, it will not always sign it for him/her. (some exceptions exist, rarely)

Click the info button on a transcription in InQuiry.


Look for the Completed from Preliminary* Action to see if it was done by the dictator.

* Exact folder name may vary.


Preliminary Folder not used

If the client (or user) does not use the Preliminary folder than it will not show the graphical signature unless you have "Always Show Graphical Signature" checked under the Print Template Information expander tab. This can be checked under Client Maintenance > Workflow >Workflow At a Glance > Preliminary. Clicking on the folder itself will give you a summary of which document types and users have this folder enabled or disabled.


Signature Image Error

If there is an "X" where the signature should be, that means that there is no valid graphical signature on file (or it may be corrupted). This can also be easily seen in the User Record.


Please follow the steps on How to Upload a Graphical Signature or submit a ticket for assistance.

Signature graphics are disabled by the Print Template

Some print templates requests may have previously asked to disable signature graphics. The easiest way to test this is to check "Always Show Graphical Signature" temporarily, if it is not already checked.


If the signature shows in InQuiry on the TID, then the print template works correctly and there is a workflow issue (see the other troubleshooting tips above). If it still does not show a graphical signature, you will need to Submit a Print Template ticket to turn it on.

IMPORTANT: Remember to return "Always Show Graphical Signature" to its original setting when you are done testing!