Forgot Password in InScribe 6

This article will go over the process to reset your password in InScribe 6 if you have forgotten it.

Please note: Your transcriptionist account must have your valid email address entered into it. Please check with your manager if you feel this is not the case.

1. Press “Forgot Password” and the reset code window will appear. Leave this window open and check your email.
Ins6 reset code.jpg

2. You will receive an email like the following example:
Ins6 email code.png

3. Enter the unique code that was generated and emailed to you into the field in step 1 and press "OK".
Ins6 reset code filled.jpg

4. You will receive this message. Click "OK".
In6 pass exp.png

5.This new window will appear with the current password field already entered. Use the New Password fields to change your password.
Ins6 change pass.jpg

6. Log in with your new password.

NOTE: If you close the window from Step 1 before entering the code from your email (Step 3), then you will need to repeat the process from the beginning. The original code you received will become inactive and you will need to use the new one that is emailed to you.