Foot Pedals Without A Programming Mode

The following article is a possible solution to getting a non-programmable foot pedal to work with InScribe when all other solutions have failed.

If you have an audio player program that your existing foot pedal works with, Inscribe can possibly be linked to it and use it. Keep in mind that the external player does not lock in the voice file to the particular document, as does the windows media player. Be sure the voice file that you are listening to is the correct one you are typing on. Here are the steps to link to an external player.

1. Click on the InScribe "Options" button at the login screen.

2. Click on the "..." button all the way to the right of the Player section to choose a media player that is not on the list.

3. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below pop up so you can navigate to the executable file that starts your external player. You will need to know where this file is located based on the program you are selecting to use.

4. Once you navigate and locate the directory containing the .exe file that launches your external player, click once on it to highlight it and then click "Open". The following image is just a sample of an executable file located for an external player.

5. You should now see that the Player section lists the path to the external player you just linked InScribe to. Now when InScribe is launched you will need to control the audio from the player you are now linked to since the control has been removed from InScribe for playback.