Explanation of ShadowScribe II and the CKEditor

What is ShadowScribe II?

ShadowScribe II is our automated speech recognition (ASR) platform that uses Nuance ASR services. Other common names for ShadowScribe II are SSII, ASR, VR and Nuance.

Compatible with IE9 and up (including IE11)

What is the CKEditor?

CKEditor Requirements and Activation


InScribe Compatibility

InScribe Compatibility.png

Identifying ShadowScribe II Jobs

To determine if a job has been transcribed by ASR check the activity log. An action of “ASR Transcribed” indicates it has gone through ShadowScribe II

Activity log.png

Identifying Structured vs Unstructured Formats

Transcription formats available are structured and unstructured. Both are available for ShadowScribe II and non-VR transcription.

Structure vs.png

The editor toolbar changes based on the document format loaded, adding or removing features specific to that format

Structured Format

Structured toolbar.png

Unstructured Format

Structured toolbar.png