Error When Using Word 2010 Button In InScribe

Word 2010 has some features that will cause Word to stop closing, with a prompt. We try to suppress as much of this as possible when using the Word button in InScribe, but we can't catch everything.

This specific issue has to do with Word 2010's feature to send proofing suggestions to Microsoft. This dialog doesn't come up every time you close Word, but sometimes it does. If you select the "Don't send, and don't ask me again" option once as shown below, this will resolve the issue going forward.

Proofing tools.JPG

If it's allowed to keep prompting, then InScribe will try to force close it. The result is that you can get an unclosed copy of winword.exe running, and if you keep using Word, many copies will run or it will prevent you from opening word. The image below shows an example an error you may also receive from InScribe with Word Proofing.

Script error 2010.jpg

If you do not disable Word Proofing, here is how to end the processes if you get multiple copies running or unable to open Word after using it in InScribe:

In order to end a Word process, use the "CTRL-ALT-DELETE" key combination and select "Task Manager". It should look similar to the image below.

Task manager.jpg

Note: Keep in mind that the next step will force shut down Word, so if there is anything in an open instance of Word please save your work before ending the process for it.

Select the "Process" tab, and then select the process (winword.exe) to close and click "End Process". This will allow you to end an additional instance of Word running or the single instance if you cannot get Word to load at all.