Error Dialog In Android Mobile Application

This article will explain an error reporting dialog that might display in the Nuance Mobile application for Android smartphones and tablets.

If the Nuance Mobile application does not respond to an input (such as a screen tap) within 10 seconds, the following message will appear:


Pressing the buttons in this dialog will do the following actions:

Force Close - This will immediately quit the application and take you back to your Android OS

Wait - This will bring you back to the Nuance Mobile app to continue processing its last action. If the app does not respond to a subsequent input within 10 seconds, this dialog will reappear.

Report - This will bring you to the next screen in the error reporting dialog.

OPTIONAL: If you have not already agreed to the "Google Feedback for Android Terms of Service" in this or another application then it will appear.


Decline - This button is similar to pressing "Wait" in the previous screen

Accept - This button advances you to the next screen

NOTE: You only need to accept these terms of service once between all applications on the device. If you have already agreed to these terms in the Nuance Mobile application or in another Android app, then you will not see this screen.

After Report is pressed (or Accept in the terms of service the first time) the Report Feedback dialog displays:


Please be as descriptive as possible in the Description dialog. Please include:

Include system data - If this box is checked technical information about your device will be delivered to Nuance to help us diagnose the error. No personal information is sent if this is checked and Nuance will not share this information with any 3rd parties.

Privacy Policy - If this link is clicked, the following website will open in your browser:

Preview - This button will show you a draft of the error report to be delivered to Nuance

Send - Please press this button when you are ready to send the error report to Nuance.

After Send is pressed, you will be taken back to the Nuance Mobile App. All dialogs will be gone from the screen and the application will continue trying to process its last action.

If an input is sent to the application (such as a screen press), then the first error dialog pictured in this article will display again.

When this occurs, please choose either:

Force Close - To close the application

Wait - To allow the application to continue working

You do not need to send another error report.